About testing process:
1. 18650 cells are carefully dismantled from brand new laptop batteries and had zero charge cycles before testing.

2. 18650 cells are tested with LiitoKala Lii-500 Engineer chargers in  NOR TEST 1000mA discharge test mode, cells are discharged by 500mA from 4.20v to 2.80v.

3. All 18650 cells that had rust, leaking has been removed.

4. Capacity and internal resistance of the 18650 cells is marked on the cells with printed stickers.

5. Fully charged 18650 cells have been left standing for 30 days after that we test voltage, less than 4.1140v  cells are then removed.

About packaging process:
We pack cells into 18650 cell spacers roll them into bubble wrap and pack into 5 mm material thickness plywood boxes.