1000 pcs Lanzhd INR18650 33E 10A 18650 cells 3300 mAh New 60€/KWh


9 in stock


9 in stock

SKU: Lanzhd INR18650 33E 1000 pcs


Lanzhd INR18650 33E, cell resistance is 30milliohms.

Capacity tests vary 3100-3599mAh with 500mA discharge test.

Shipping to European union countries only, shipping cost is already included in price. Cells are packed into plywood boxes 100pcs in one box.

Cannot ship to: United Kingdom, Cyprus, Canary Islands.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 60 × 36 × 9 cm

10 reviews for 1000 pcs Lanzhd INR18650 33E 10A 18650 cells 3300 mAh New 60€/KWh

  1. Sasha K.

    Perfect for me, but cells resistance differs 29,6-35,3 milliohms and Opus tests @1A give 2900-3399mAh, just let you know guys before you buy chinese cells.

  2. Tobias L.

    Received cells, capacity is more than 3000mAh always with liitokala lii-500 1000ma nor test. I make solar powerwall.

  3. Sergio. J.

    Capacity holds, tested 10 cycles +- 5mAh, very good Chinese cells, capacity always more than 3000 mAh with Opus 1A test, good for ebike.

  4. Bartek W.

    Good cells for money. A+++++ Fast shipping.

  5. Oliver B.

    Definetly would buy again, good packing, fast shipping 21 days.

  6. Ervin K.

    Good Chinese cells for the price, 10A is good, but with cooling can take 20A too, cells are mostly with 3300mAh readings, cells are stored by seller at 3,50v.

  7. Edgar J.

    Matches description.

  8. Heinrichs K.

    Perfect packing, capacity is ok.

  9. Jonas B.

    I will definetly buy more.

  10. Nikol F.

    Perfect cells for the price, capacity as described, mostly 3300mAh.

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