1000 pcs tested Sony / Murata US18650VTC6 30A 2900-3099mAh A grade cells refurbished 60€/KWh


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3 in stock

SKU: Sony / Murata US18650VTC6 30A 1000pcs


Sony / Murata US18650VTC6
Cells stored with 30% charge.
Internal Resistance: 8-12 milli-ohms
Tested with LiitoKala Lii-500 @500mA discharge, 1000mA nor test.
Shipping to European union countries only, shipping cost is already included in price. Cannot ship to islands like Cyprus, Canary Islands, mainland only. Shipping with Raben Transport or Kuehne+Nagel, pickup from me can take up to 7 workdays, cells are packed into plywood boxes 100pcs in one box you can easily cut pallet open and carry cells to your home, with 5kg boxes.
Cannot ship to: United Kingdom, Cyprus, Canary Islands.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 60 × 36 × 9 cm

15 reviews for 1000 pcs tested Sony / Murata US18650VTC6 30A 2900-3099mAh A grade cells refurbished 60€/KWh

  1. Edwin B.

    I received before brexit, now tested some cells with megacellcharger @1A discharge, I found cells with capacity 2800mAh range too, but they use liitoKala what is discharging with 500mA only. I am happy with my purcase anyway 50€/kwh high discharge cells are not for sale everyday, especially already dismantled and tested ones.

  2. Donatello K.

    Perfect, capacity is as described with Lii500 nor test 1000ma.

  3. Carlo V.

    Genuine Sony VTC6 cells and yes they are 8-12 milliohms resistance, average is 10, capacity is as described 90% cells are 3000mAh+.

  4. Gustav K.

    Good ebike cells, genuine vent holes and markings, capacity is as advert said.

  5. Duarte J.

    I am happy with price and packing, genuine Sony cells, only seller in europe who has so high quality and price, no dents, negative pole hard spot welds are cut correctly and milled flat.

  6. Juan K.

    Capacity tests with liitokala lii500 are always 2900-3099, cells must have been sorted, cells resistance is also between factory ratings 8-13 milliohms, genuine vent holes and sony printings.

  7. Jean F.

    I am addicted to these cells now, item matching description.

  8. Caleb I.

    All tests are ok with megacellcharger also, cells are clean from glue and spot welds milled flat.

  9. Hannu K.

    Most of cells 86% are in unused state when testing with liitokala lii500 0,5A dischg. current, others are 98% life, 2900mah range. They look exactly same what I got from NKON. Genuine cells.

  10. Daniel W.

    Best B for the buck!

  11. Gabriel Z.

    Alles bestens.

  12. Janek P.

    Seems to be genuine VTC6 from Sony 8-13,4 milliohms is actual cells resistance.

  13. Markus L.

    Genuine ones match description, packed good.

  14. Ebiker

    Perfect match for my project, recommend!

  15. Kadis H.

    I received cells in good condition and as described.

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